What is the “Art Galleries” section? Why do I need this section?
This section is a catalogue of art galleries in Ukraine and the world. All art galleries around the world are listed in this section divided by country and city. You can find any of them that may be of interest to you or you can select your city and view the entire list. This site can help you find an art gallery in any country and city. Art galleries displaying modern art are of particular interest to us as they have a direct connection with developing art workmanship in the 21st century. The other side of the spectrum is represented by those galleries that display classic paintings and antiques. As one knows, these art objects are also of a great interest since they depict the spirit and trends of the past. This catalogue of art galleries will be useful both for those who are just interested in art and for art practitioners. They can register their art gallery and post announcements of their forthcoming events, promote it on the NAASU site and attract new clients and visitors. Thus art object demonstrated by the art gallery will gradually become more known and the gallery’s prestige will go up. What opportunities does this section provide? The “Art Galleries” section gives an opportunity to: - find an art gallery in any country and city with the help of special filters and go to official sites of various galleries, - select one art gallery or another and read its description, learn particulars of the art environment and interesting facts, find contact information and get in touch with its representatives, - find out forthcoming or past events, - add your art gallery to the catalogue,, - check the address and work hours of a certain art gallery What are the advantages of the “Art Galleries” section on the NAASU site? This section gives an opportunity to find all necessary information about a particular art gallery in a quick and easy way. Also one can read information about this art gallery and its specifics, and view visual materials about its artistic environment. Galleries will also have an opportunity to publish their art work (paintings, sculptures and graphic art exhibitions) on the site. Some of world museums even allow attending an online excursion through their rooms. Links to these excursions can also be found on the NAASU site! Private art collections will be presented on the site – the site visitors and NAASU members can get acquainted with them. In other words, this section has a lot of unique and interesting content including that of most well-known and popular galleries in Ukraine and the world!