What is the Museums section? Why do I need this section?

This section is a catalog of museums of Ukraine and the world. This section contains all the museums of the world, divided into countries and cities. You can find any museum you need, or choose your city from the list and read the entire list. With the help of the site you can find a museum in any country and city. If the museum includes several buildings and objects, you can find information about each of them on the NAHSU website. Of particular interest to us are the houses-museums, because they are directly related to famous people in the creative world! For example, on the site you can find information about the house-museum of MK Roerich. The museum guide will be useful for those who are just interested in art, as well as for people who work in the museum business. After all, they can register their museum and publish announcements of planned events, receive additional advertising support on the NAHSU website and thus attract new visitors.

What are the possibilities of this section?

The section "Museums" allows: - a museum in any country and city with the help of special filters, go to the official website of this museum, - choose a museum, read the description, features of the creative space, interesting facts about it, find contacts of the museum, - learn about museum events, - add your museum to the catalog, - find out the address and mode of operation of a museum. - find out the geolocation of the museum - view photos of the museum

What is the advantage of the "Museums" section on the NAHSU website?

This section allows you to quickly and easily find all the necessary information about the museum of interest. In the section you can read information about the museum, its features, view illustrative material from this creative space. Representatives of museums can publish art objects (paintings, sculptures, design works). Some of the world's museums even offer the opportunity to visit online tours of their halls, you can also find links to them on the NAHSU website! In short, in the section you will find a lot of unique and interesting content, including the most famous and popular museums in Ukraine and the world!