Ukrainian designers have repeatedly shown themselves brilliantly both on the domestic market and on the international arena. However, it is not uncommon for a designer to need support and promotion - and does not know where to get it. In order for domestic designers to receive the necessary support, the National Association of Artists and Sculptors of Ukraine (abbreviated NAHSU) was established.

The organization helps to be realized not only by artists and sculptors, as the name suggests, but also by modern designers, in very different directions. Web design, graphic design, ux ui, game and 3d, sound, interface design, clothing design, interior or landscape - masters of all these and other areas can get their page on the website of the Association. Thanks to NAHSU, designers can advertise their services, as well as demonstrate their ideas. The personal page on the Association's website looks like the designer's personal website and can be displayed as his personal portfolio.

In addition, members of the organization can run a designer's blog - for example, show their design training (or, perhaps, post their training videos for novice designers on the YouTube channel of the Association), read news of design and other creative world, and implement any -any other ways with our support. The work of a designer should be well paid, and the salary depends not only on the qualification, but also on the level of recognition - so let's raise this level together.