An artist is a real vocation, a way of life from which it is impossible to deviate. The artist is defined by his crazy desire to create and change the world for the better through the prism of his vision. But a real artist will not be able to realize himself without his fans - and here the domestic masters often have problems.

Ukrainian artists are very talented, but often underestimated - both in their home country and in the world. Well-known artists from Ukraine who have been recognized abroad are far fewer than they could be. Some talents remain unknown. An association of artists was created to help masters in their formation and success.

The National Association of Artists and Sculptors of Ukraine (abbreviated NAHSU) is not just an organization, it is a place where contemporary artists can find support from fans, colleagues and the Supervisory Board of the organization, get tools for additional advertising.

The site of artists has already brought together many masters from different parts of Ukraine. Landscape painters, abstractionists, modernists, impressionists, realists, portrait painters - the Association can be supported by masters of various genres, styles, trends, both famous masters and beginners. Moreover, even young artists can get their first fans on the website or even win a competition, as happened recently with the New Year's competition from NAHSU. One of the awards was taken by a young artist of 10 years!

So, let's sum up - purposefulness and talent, these two factors help artists to become famous and get their place in the creative world. However, paving the way is not easy, especially if you do not get support in time. It is offered by the National Association of Artists and Sculptors of Ukraine! If you want to gain well-deserved popularity, find new friends and fans of your work, create a personal exhibition or, perhaps, promote your art gallery - all this can be done with our support.