Description of NAASU service
The National Association of Artists and Sculptors of Ukraine (NAASU) is a project helping Ukrainian painters to realize the potential presentation of their artwork to the general public. With the help of this very site creative artists can improve their recognition as well as visibility of their work. NAASU service includes: - site for painters, - offline and online discussions of current topics, - useful and pleasant networking to strengthen the creative community and getting new connections - event announcement (exhibitions, auctions, etc.) - promotion of artists (e.g. individual SEO texts for each of them to ensure better Google search of authors) - current news from the world of art - all-Ukrainian and international contests - artists’ blogs - page for young artists (age 9 to 17), - painters’ personal pages (look like a site) - free legal assistance on intellectual property rights and much more If you are looking for a platform where you can sell your paintings, NAASU portal will be of use to you. This service will be interesting both for artists and for art connoisseurs (collectors, art critics, etc.) This Internet platform gives painters an opportunity to present their artwork to the general public and find new clients. Advantages of NAASU service. Opportunities for painters. Ukrainian painters have already appreciated all major advantages of membership in the Association and registration on the site. Major advantages include interactive features, contemporary approach and user-friendly and easy-to-use site interface. It is no secret for anyone that nowadays Ukrainian painters are mostly promoting their work on the Internet. This helps them find loyal customers and those willing to purchase a sculpture quickly and easily. However, Internet exhibitions have their own pitfalls, e.g. not every artist knows how to write a proper SEO text, while without SEO texts and recognition no search engine will be able to find an artwork and offer it to a collector for example! NAASU took this aspect into consideration, so an individual SEO text will be written for each member. This is a significant help in increasing recognition and will add visibility to the author. It is also possible to have a text blog on the site or a video blog on the Association YouTube channel if you prefer video format. Furthermore, NAASU is useful both for professional painters and for beginners. Work history, specialized education or good connections in art world are not important here. The only matter of concern for the Supervisory Council of Painters Association is talent. Thus, both a gifted beginner and a professional with many years of experience can find an excellent platform for promotion and sales at NAASU. Moreover, even the age cannot be an obstacle preventing a painter from promoting his/her creative work. The site will have a “Young Talents” section for talented children. With parents’ permission they can share their artwork, read articles and art news, take part in contests and do a lot more. Thus, the list of recognized painters in Ukraine will be gradually expanding! How can I join the Association and why does an artist need that? A member of the Association automatically gets support from colleagues and the Supervisory Council of NAASU that includes designers, painters, sculptors and art experts. Now you are not alone - you are backed up by a big organization with hundreds of members, experts and lawyers. It is also possible to obtain legal support during registration of your artwork and get consultations on any matters of interest. The Association opens a lot of opportunities and it is up to the artist to decide which ones to use. In order to join the National Association of Artists and Sculptors of Ukraine you have to fill in a form on the site, send a good quality photo of 6 artworks of yours to the organization’s e-mail and pay your membership fee for 2 months (100 UAH). Then the Supervisory Council approves your application and you become a member of the Association. How to become a well-known painter? In order to become a well-known painter and start getting good money you have to put in great efforts. It is not only important to create quality work but also to position it correctly in order to take your place at the creative market. However, the National Association of Artists and Sculptors is willing to help with that. Its work is structured in such a way that an artist would not only get interesting news but would also obtain useful skills, important connections, financial profit and recognition in Ukraine and abroad! How can a painter start selling his/her paintings at a higher price? Paintings are goods that increase in value with time and with growth of author’s popularity. There are so many cases when one painter or another was recognized as a genius only after his/her death. Luckily nowadays independent painters have a lot of instruments they can use for their promotion. It is important to use them in a correct way. Specialized professional organizations of creative individuals are established just for that purpose. NAASU is one of them. The goal of association founders is to develop art in our country and to promote Ukrainian artists.