Ukrainian sculptors are talented masters who often lack the support and resources to promote their work. Sculptor is an introverted, difficult profession, only having heard himself, a master of sculpture can show the world a real masterpiece.

Sculptors of Ukraine are generously gifted with talent and will to create, to support the National Association of Artists and Sculptors of Ukraine (abbreviated NAHSU). It is a public organization that has set itself the goal of uniting Ukrainian masters and helping them to become a sculptor in a difficult creative profession. Modern sculptors will finally have a modern interactive platform to realize their creative ambitions.

Ukrainian sculptor, like domestic artist or designer, is no longer alone - by joining the organization he acquires not only a new status, but also the support of the Supervisory Board, new friends among colleagues and new fans of his work among visitors and our social networks. Welcome to the organization, modern Ukrainian sculptor, now you are not alone!