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Ukraine is very generous with talented designers. The National Association of Artists and Sculptors of Ukraine (NAHSU) is an Association that helps Ukrainian designers realize themselves by presenting their work to the public. It is with the help of this site that creative people can increase their visibility, as well as the popularity of their work. NAHSU Association includes: • section for designers, • Discussion of current topics • useful and pleasant acquaintances to strengthen the creative community • announcements of events (exhibitions, auctions, etc.) • promotion of masters (for example, individual SEO texts for each of them for a better search for the author in Google) • current news from the world of art • all-Ukrainian and international competitions • blogs of designers • personal pages of designers (look like a personal site) If you are interested in where to sell your services - the NAHSU website will be useful to you. This online platform allows designers to present their ideas to the general public and find new customers. Design in the broadest sense is the decoration of household items, interiors, industrial products, etc. This concept includes many different areas. The design can be called as the design of the room or even the whole house to the painting of women's nails. And all this can be considered design, because a creative approach is used and after certain actions one or another object starts to look better. In essence, the designer's job is to improve and beautify the world around him!

Main types of design:

-Industrial (industrial) design determines the functional features, quality and appearance of industrial products. -Web design (computer design) is the so-called artistic component of websites and user web interfaces. It is thanks to talented web designers that beautiful and convenient sites appear. To this list you can add game design - the process of creating a gameplay of various games. -Design environment design. It includes a design that aims to improve the world around us. This includes urban design, architectural design, lighting interior design. Designers working in this direction will improve the world without exaggeration! By the way, landscaping is also included in the "spatial environment". -Ecological design focuses not only on aesthetics, but also on the origin of materials, safety in operation and ease of disposal. -Graphic design includes book design (preparation of the book for publication), printing (graphic designers create layouts, such as business cards, letterheads, posters), -Design of human image - this is the situation when the object of design work is the man himself. The customer shares his requirements and vision for future improvements. They help him create a pleasant image and feel much better than before. -You can not forget the art design. This includes decorative and decorative arts, and floristics, and jewelry. Decorative and folk art, as well as souvenirs and gifts - all this can also be called art design. Its main principles are originality and uniqueness of the product. This is often handmade

Advantages of the NAHSU service. Opportunities for designers

Ukrainian designers have already appreciated all the main benefits of joining the Association and registering on the site. Interactivity, modernity, user-friendly and intuitive interface of the site - all this can be considered one of the undoubted advantages. It is no secret that Ukrainian designers mostly promote their work on the Internet. This helps to quickly and easily find customers, and later - and increase the cost of work through experience and popularity. However, not every master knows how to write a competent SEO text. And without SEO texts and recognition it is quite difficult to advance far in the career of a designer! At NAHSU this moment was taken into account - each participant will have his own, individual CEO text. This helps to increase its visibility. You can also run your own text blog on the site, or, if you are interested in videos, a video blog on the YouTube channel of the Association. There, designers can talk about current trends, life hacks in the arrangement of your home or apartment and your opinion on various issues. Next - the NAHSU service is useful for both professional designers and novice designers. Experience, professional education or serious connections in the art world are not important here - the Supervisory Board of the Association is only concerned with talent. Thus, both a gifted beginner and a professional with many years of experience can find in NAGSU a great place to promote their work. The site works as a marketplace and helps craftsmen to advertise their work.

How to join the association, why me?

A member of the Association automatically receives the support of colleagues and the Supervisory Board of NAHSU, which consists of designers, artists, sculptors, art critics. By joining this association, you receive the status of a member of the National Association of Artists and Sculptors of Ukraine. Now you are not alone (or not alone) - for you