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The National Association of Artists and Sculptors of Ukraine (NAHSU) is an organization that helps its artists, sculptors and designers realize their creative potential. NAHSU Association includes: • site for artists, • discussion of art and ways of creative development, • announcements of events (exhibitions, auctions, competitions for artists, etc.) • news of the art world • national and international competitions • blogs of artists • page for young artists (9-17 years) • personal pages of artists that look like the artist's personal website If you are interested in where to sell your painting, the NAHSU website is an ideal platform for this purpose. The service is interesting for masters and art lovers. The online platform allows artists to present their work to a wide audience, and their fans - to follow the news about their favorite artists. On our site, artists who work in different directions can find new fans of their work.

What are the paintings: styles, genres, categories?

Contemporary works of artists are very diverse. Most popular genres: - portrait, - landscape, - historical painting - battle painting - architectural painting, - still life, - religious plot - nude - children's paintings - interior paintings - and other. In contrast to these classical genres, postmodern, impressionist and abstract painting, conceptual and interactive art, and installations are rapidly developing. Each of these genres has its fans, and each author's work of art is unique. Ukraine is famous for its artists. Domestic artists work with different materials (pastels, pencils, oil, acrylic, etc.). Prices for works vary greatly: depending on the cost of materials and the artist's skill. If you are a fan of a certain technique or style of painting, you can choose the work you need on the NAHSU website. Then view works of exclusively selected categories. The system automatically sorts paintings or sculptures.

How to choose a picture?

Online picture gallery is the easiest way to view pictures and choose the one you want. Now most artists have digital versions of works of art and want to promote them on the Internet. An online picture gallery will help you choose what you need.

How to sell a painting?

The National Association of Artists and Sculptors of Ukraine knows: sometimes it is very difficult to sell your painting, no matter how much effort and inspiration went into creating a masterpiece! The problem is that author's paintings are a very specific product. People who want to buy a painting may simply not know, say, about a young promising artist.

Advantages of the NAHSU service

NAHSU Association is called to overcome the above problems in the creative sphere. We believe that well-known artists and young artists deserve attention and recognition. Our site works as a marketplace, the criterion remains only one - the talent of the author!

Why do I need NAHSU? How to join the association?

The association opens up great opportunities. By registering on the site, you will automatically receive your personal account, new buyers and fans of your work. If you wish, you can become a blogger. You can also register your child on the site and promote her creativity. In order to join the National Association of Artists and Sculptors of Ukraine, you need: • register on the site as an artist, • Fill in your profile completely (this is important for your effective advertising promotion) • exhibit high-quality photos of their works without a frame and background and add a full description of the work If you want to become a member of the Association, you need to go to the section "Become a member of the Association" and fill in the required information, and pay a monthly fee, the amount of which is specified in the section "Become a member of the Association" Next, the Supervisory Board of NAHSU will consider your application and if it is approved, you will become a member of the Association.