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How to realize yourself as a modern sculptor? The National Association of Artists and Sculptors of Ukraine (NAHSU) will help. It is an organization that helps Ukrainian sculptors to promote their work, find new fans of their work, sell sculptures in Ukraine and abroad. NAHSU Association includes: - site of sculptors, which works as a marketplace, - discussion of current topics, - announcements of events in the world of sculpture, - News from the world of art, - All-Ukrainian and international competitions for sculptors - blogs of sculptors, - page for children and teenagers (9-17 years) who would like to become a sculptor - personal pages of sculptors, each of which looks like a personal site of the sculptor Need to know how and where to sell a sculpture? The NAHSU website is an ideal platform for this. The service is interesting both for masters and for art connoisseurs, patrons, all people who would like to buy a sculpture. Famous masters and novice sculptors, as well as those who work in completely different genres, can exhibit their sculptures on our website.

Types of sculptures

Sculpture is a special work of art. Sculptures differ in genres, artistic means, types, purpose and method of obtaining sculpture. For example, the method of obtaining a sculpture depends on the material. If it is plastic, the increase in volume is achieved by adding a soft material (clay, wax); if the material is solid (stone), the shape is carved by cutting off excess elements. In a broad sense, all sculptures are divided into modeling (modeling), foundry (toreutics), glyptics (carving on precious stones), creation (sculptures of solids), medal art.

Genres and categories of sculptures

Ukrainian sculptures, as well as all over the world, differ in types, genres, categories.

Genres of sculptures:

• portrait; • historical sculpture; • mythological; • household; • symbolic; • allegorical; • animalistic.

Types of sculptures:

-round (statue, group, statuette, bust). This work of art can be viewed from different angles. These can be, for example, interior sculptures, which are used for decoration indoors and outdoors. -relief (the figure is often immersed in a flat background and protrudes from it). Depending on the purpose of the sculpture can be divided into: monumental (monuments, monuments), monumental and decorative (Atlanta, caryatids, friezes, pediment, fountain, garden and park sculpture); easel (sculpture the size of nature or less).

How to choose a sculpture?

As a rule, sculptures are chosen in the house or apartment in order to give liveliness to the interior. They are also ordered to decorate the facade of the house, flower beds and lawns. Regardless of the purpose of purchasing this art object, the prices for it may surprise you. The cost of the work depends on many factors: the popularity and experience of the author, the method of making the sculpture (handmade). Tips for buying sculptures. How to buy a sculpture: what to look for when buying online? First of all, you should pay attention to the technical characteristics of the sculpture: the quality of materials, size and others. Next, you should carefully evaluate the design of the work.

How can a Ukrainian sculptor sell his work?

Sculptures are often sold online, a modern and convenient way to purchase art objects. With the help of online platforms you can show your work to a large number of people. - advantages of the NAHSU service during the sale of sculptures The NAHSU website aims to help sculptors realize their potential. The online gallery allows sculptors to exhibit their work online. All talented sculptors deserve attention and recognition. The site works as a marketplace. Neither "connections" nor the presence of specialized education matters here, only talent. - How and why to join the association? What gives the status of a member of the National Association of Artists and Sculptors of Ukraine? The Association of Sculptors opens up a wide range of possibilities. By registering on the site, you automatically get your personal site (because the master's page looks like a personal site) and new fans of your work. You can become a blogger or even register your child on the site and position her creativity. In order to join the National Association of Artists and Sculptors of Ukraine, you need: • register on the site as a sculptor, • Fill in your profile completely (this is important for your effective advertising promotion) • exhibit high-quality photos of their works without a frame and background and add a full description of the work If you want to become a member of the Association, you need to go to the section "Become a member of the Association" and fill in the required information, and pay a monthly fee, the amount of which is specified in the section "Become a member of the Association" Next, the Supervisory Board of NAHSU will consider your application and if it is approved, you will become a member of the Association.