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The National Association of Artists and Sculptors of Ukraine (NAHSU) is an organization that helps young Ukrainian artists realize themselves by presenting their work to the general public. It is with the help of this site that young creative people can increase their recognition, as well as the popularity of their work. The uniqueness of this site is that it promotes children's art along with the work of adult authors. Moreover, gifted children have the opportunity to grow in a creative intellectual circle, start their way in the world of art from a young age and gradually gain such valuable experience. The NAHSU website includes: • a section for young artists (9-17 years old) where their parents or legal guardians can register them, • online discussion of current topics, • announcements of events (exhibitions, auctions, etc.) • promotion of masters (for example, individual SEO-texts for each of them for a better search for the author in Google) • current news from the world of art • all-Ukrainian and international competitions • blogs of masters that young artists can read and learn If you are interested in where to exhibit children's paintings - the NAHSU website will be useful to you. The service will be interesting for young masters, and for their parents, and just for art lovers. This online platform allows young artists to present their work to the general public, find fans of their work, follow the news about their favorite artists. Children's paintings are a special genre, they have a separate section on the NAHSU website. This page is full of sincerity and purity, when you visit it, it is impossible not to smile!

Advantages of the NAHSU service. Opportunities for young artists and their parents

Ukrainian young artists and their parents have already appreciated all the main benefits of registering on our site. Interactivity, modernity, user-friendly and intuitive interface of the site - all this can be considered one of the undoubted advantages. It is no secret that contemporary young artists in Ukraine mostly exhibit their works on the Internet. It helps to promote children's creativity.

How to join the association, why

The young artist automatically receives the support of colleagues and the Supervisory Board of NAHSU. By joining our association, you receive the status of a member of the National Association of Sculptors. Now you are not alone (or not alone) - behind you is a large organization with hundreds of participants, experts, lawyers! In order to register a child with the National Association of Artists and Sculptors of Ukraine, a father / mother or legal guardian enters the “Registration” section of a young artist, completely fills in a personal profile and adds quality photos of works without frame and background. After: the works are moderated and included in the section "Gallery of Young Artists" Next - the NAHSU service is very useful for young novice artists, because they can find in NAHSU not only a great place to promote and sell, but also many lessons, interesting materials and educational videos, as well as current news. The section of the NAHSU website "Young Talents" was created for and for the sake of talented children. Parents or guardians can share the work of a young artist. In turn, the child can read articles and art news, participate in competitions and much more on the NAHSU website. In the case of talented children, the earlier they begin their creative path, the easier it will be for them to break through. That's why we launched the "Young Artists" section - in order for more gifted children to grow into multifaceted, successful artists!